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Overview is an interactive driving and travel calculator using Google Maps and JavaScript magic to produce driving schedules and to answer the question of "When Do I Leave" for any type of trip over land. Using this calculator you can enter multiple destinations in a driving trip with a required arrival time at any or all of the destination addresses. We will calculate when you need to leave from your origin address and produce a driving schedule with departure times from each address.

This free tool can be used by commuters, airport travellers, sales people, or anyone who wants to schedule their driving times and make sure you leave on time to get where you are going so you can arrive on time.

To get started enter an origin address and at least one destination address with a required arrival time. If no arrival time is specified, then it is calculated based on leaving now. The calculator will generate the departure times from the origin and from each intermediate destination.

We will soon be adding duration at destination and mobile messaging alerts that will send an alert to your mobile phone as an additional reminder. Stay tuned as we build the ultimate driving and travel schedule.